Party Pants & Co Cloth Sanitary Goodies


Vibrant eco pads that will try and brighten up your day…. i said try lol 🙂



Bright, fun cloth alternatives for eco warrior women. These cloth pads are made in Perth Scotland by the lovely Caroline. Range included are cloth sanitary pads varying in flow, breast bads set of 2 and hopefully the new thong thong thong thong selection. 🙂

Caroline’s choice in fabric are really exciting, vibrant and contain a layer of zorb which is super absorbant.

We will take the pressure out of picking the print for you as they will change often online. so if orders you will get to have a wee surprise <3

Additional information

party pants & co

8" regular, 8" super, 9" regular, 9" super, 11" super, breast pads, thong, cleaning snaps for hanging


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