Bathing Beauties Soap in tin – plastic free

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Bathing Beauties soap bar in tin


Soap in a tin, say goodbye to plastic bottles!

Dead Sea Salt (Men’s shaving soap)
This deep blue soap bar is a fantastic alternative to shaving foam. Wet shavers will love how it forms a dense lather when whisked with a shaving brush, and the scent is fresh and masculine. It contains dead sea salt for it’s high mineral content, poppy seeds for a gentle scrubby action, and cocoa butter with avocado oil for their skin moisturising properties.

Candyfloss & Mallow
A deliciously sweet and creamy soap to satisfy any sweet tooth! Notes of sweet sugary candyfloss have been blended with musk, vanilla and just a hint of strawberry marshmallow to create a scent that is simply delicious!

Parma Violets
This delicious, sweetly scented soap smells just like the little purple sweets that many people love!
Packed with skin loving avocado oil and jojoba oil to leave your skin silky soft


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