About Us

Sammy Reid and husband Ian in the Sea No Waste shop in Arbroath

Sea No Waste is a family-run zero waste store based in Arbroath, Scotland. We’re passionate about tackling plastic pollution, and our goal is to help you eliminate single-use plastics from your shopping basket. Who needs or wants so much plastic pouring into landfills? So much of it ends up in our oceans, too, killing sea life with a poison that will never disappear.

Once upon a time, you could shop at your local greengrocers and get everything you needed without it being covered in plastic. In fact, we all just accepted that as the norm. “Brown paper packages tied up with string…” – you know the song! It was simpler, and worked without having a damaging effect on our towns, communities, rivers and seas.

So, here in our wee store we’ve gone back in time to create a space where you can shop guilt-free, knowing what you’re purchasing won’t have any lasting negative effects on the place you live or the wider environment.

And you can now shop for our plastic-free goods online! Our new online store has exactly the same ethos as our high street shop: You can purchase your items in brown paper bags, in weights measured to fit your needs, and packaged with the environment in mind. Items can be sent via post, or you can choose to arrange for collection from the Sea No Waste shop in Arbroath.